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The official wiki for Gaius Cicereius

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What is the default prefix?

!If you ever forget the prefix do !prefix? no matter what, that command will display the current prefix on your server so long as Gaius has perms to see the chat and talk in it.

Does the bot need to be configured?

Not necessarily. Any discord role with manage server or admin (or owner) can modify the bot's functions. The bot will automatically start attempting to moderate chat for spam, chain-mail and malicious links. Filters can be enabled and disabled via command among other things.

What is Gaius Cicereius+?

Gaius+ is the premium version of the bot. Read more about it on our Patreon.

I Got an error from the bot DiscordAPIError: Missing Access or Missing Permissions or Privilege is too low..

This is not a fault with the code. You need to make sure the bot has access to the channel you want, give it the permission to do something, or make sure it's one of the highest roles.

Help! One of my users keeps getting auto banned by the bot! What is happening to them?

This is the global ban feature and is used to keep malicious users out of your server. These are curated by our staff and the users are generally banned for a reason. If this is a person you trust, you can use the inbuilt passport function to allow them in. If they want to be unbanned then they need to contact an admin of the bot and talk about options.

What language is the bot coded in?

The bot is coded in Node JS which is server side javascript. Since it's gonna come up anyways I use the master version of Discord.js for my library.