Global Templates

Information regarding the global template filters
Overview of our template filters

We've put together multiple pre-made word filters for you to use for your communities to save you lots of time and hassle.

Make sure Gaius has the following role perms for these filters to work: Manage Messages, Embed Links

Available templates

Filter Template



A master recommended list we put together


Blocks a majority of common swear words


Blocks a majority of inappropriate words


Blocks a majority of offensive words

We've hand crafted these filters to be the most ideal and comprehensive for you and easily deployable.


Using !filter view name? Be aware: NSFW words present in these templates.




!filter view name

PMs a copy of the template filter


!filter name

Enable/Disable that template filter


!filter ignore text

Ignores text filters in that channel


!filter ignore text #channel

Ignores the text filters in the specified channel


!filter recog text

Re enables text filters in that channel


!merge filter

Imports that template filter so you can customize and add to it locally


!unmerge filter

Unmerges that filter from your local list