VC Commands

Information regarding the VC moderation commands

Make sure Gaius has the following role perms for this module to work: Manage Channels/Manage Permissions, Embed Links





!vcmute mention time

Voice mutes the mentioned user for X minutes


!vcunmute mention

Voice unmutes the mentioned user


!vckick mentions/UserID

Voice kicks the user(s), accepts list format.

!vckick userid userid userid

!vckick mention mention mention



See note below this table to learn how to use this


How do i use !vcmove

Move users from one designated voice channel to another. The bot will join the designated channel, move the bot to the channel you would like to move the users to and it will move them.

  1. Set the start point for the move, where are the users you want to move? !vcmove Solo

  2. Now move Gaius to the channel you want them in now. For example move Gaius from the Solo to the Duo voice channel

  3. Now all the users you wanted have been moved to Duo