Information regarding the commands module

Make sure Gaius has the following role perms for this module to work: Manage Messages, Embed Links





!module commands

Enable/Disable the module


!learn input output

Creates a new command


!unlearn input

Deletes a custom command



PMs a list of all custom commands

Custom Variables

Put these at the end of your command to give it special effects



%cd #% (%cd 10%)

Cooldown for the command in seconds


Staff only command


Will mention the user who did the command


Will be replaced with the first-mentioned user


Will be replaced by the entirety of the message the person sends


DM the user the response


Make the response a rich embed


Example Requirements


{requires: @Dev Team}

Only those with the Dev Team role can use the command

{deny: @Dev Team}

Anyone with the Dev Team role cannot use the command

{role: +@Dev Team, +@otherrole}

Doing the command gives the + marked roles

{role: -@Dev Team, -@otherrole}

Doing the command removes the - marked roles

{role: @Dev Team, @otherrole}

The command will toggle the roles, if they don't have them

they will get them. If they do have them they loose it.

Example using the above requirements

?learn SpamWarn %user refrain from spamming. {requires: @Dev Team}

?learn FAQ Make sure you've checked out the #FAQ! {requires: @Helpers}