About Gatekeeper

Information regarding the Gate module

This module is coming soon.

What is Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper is service for verifying and filtering new users in communities based on select social media accounts. Using Discords OAuth system Gaius can have new users go through a verification process.

This allows owners to have new users require an account on select platforms like Reddit, YouTube etc. Using this owners can require new users to have X Reddit karma, minimum account age, specific game owned on steam etc.


Frequently asked questions about Gatekeeper. Want to suggest a new one? Mention it in our support server anytime and we'll consider it.

What information is stored about me?

Coming soon

How do I have my information deleted?

Coming soon

Someone is being auto banned on joined?

There are two types of "Global Bans". The primary being a standard UserID one which auto bans certain accounts on join for serious offences committed elsewhere ranging from raiding to NSFW spam and more.

The second is a Connection Ban which isn't implemented at this time.