Information regarding the roles module

Make sure Gaius has the following role perms for this module to work: Manage Roles, Manage Messages, Embed Links





!module roles

Enable/Disable the module


!addrole rolename/Rolemention

Allows that role to be self assignable


!delrole rolename

Removes the role from the system


!setdesc rolename description

Sets the description for that role


!roleopt rolename [option, option2]

Apply additional settings to a role


!reset rolename

Removes that role from everyone with it



Displays all the available roles


Displays how many people are in every role


!role @mention rolename

Assigns the user the role, if they already have it, then it will be removed.



Will only assign the role, if they already

have it, then they won't loose it.



Removes the role, if they already have it

they won't receive it.





Apply this to a group of roles you want users to be able to choose only 1 of for themselves


Assign this to a role you'd like to reset and use the !reset command


Once a role with this option is self assigned it cannot be removed


Automatically assign this to users upon join


Automatically assigned to users when they join a voice channel


Automatically remove the role from the user after X time


Note: When you use the first two listed, by default the bot will add the role to everyone who has the role, but if they already have it they will loose the role. Use the last two listed to ensure if you want them all to receive or loose the role only.



!role @rolename rolename

Assigns everyone with that role the specified role

!role @everyone rolename

Assigns everyone in the server the role. If they already have it, they will loose it.


Will assign the role to those without it.


Will remove the role from those specified.

Role Settings

This applies to the roleopt command only.

Looking for guides on how to setup auto roles etc? Look at the page below!