Information regarding the verify module

Make sure Gaius has the following role perms for this module to work: Manage Roles, Manage Messages, Embed Links

Base Commands

The command you set for users to use to start verification will use your current prefix. For example if you make the command Accept and your prefix is ! than users will do !Accept




!module verify

Enable/Disable the module



Starts the interactive setup of Verify


When you're ready to setup the Verify module, enable it and then do !setverify.

Setting up Captcha

This is a feature reserved for Gaius Cicereius+, our Patreon bot.

When users join your server Gaius+ will DM the user having them go through a custom made captcha. This captcha is internal in Discord so your users do not have to open their browsers and spend time outside your community to get verified.

When you start the setup for Verify there will be an option for enabling Captcha. This option will only work with Gaius Plus authorized servers.