Information regarding the welcome module

Make sure Gaius has the following role perms for this module to work: Manage Roles, Manage Messages, Embed Links

This page is massive simply because there's a lot you can do, don't worry! It's actually really simple and we even provide templates you can just modify from!

Note: If Blankavatar or SetJoinAge is active, users blocked by these features will not trigger a welcome message.





!module welcome

Enable/Disable the module


!setchannel channelname

Sets the channel for welcome and leave messages


!setwelcome current

Displays the current welcome message


!setwelcome new welcomehere

Sets the new welcome message for your server


!settype welcome/leave embed/text/dm

Sets the type of message for welcome/leave messages


!setdelete seconds

Auto delete welcome messages after X seconds


!setleave disable

Disables leave messages


!setwelcome field config

Allows you to edit specific parts of the welcome message without editing it all at once

For example !setwelcome title Welcome will change the title of the welcome to "Welcome". See all the variables you can edit below.


!settype verifywait

Only welcome users once they've gone through the Verify module


Setting up welcomes

  1. Enable the welcome module

  2. Mark the welcome channel with !setchannel #channel

  3. Set the type of message you'd like welcomes to appear in using: !settype welcome embed/text/dm

  4. Now it's time to set up the actual welcome message you want for your server, the next section will go over that process which is pretty easy!

Making your welcome message

You have two options when it comes to doing this, make it from scratch or use one of our pre-made templates you can just modify as needed. If you want to use one of our template filters you can check them out below.





Posts the set text in plain text outside of embed welcomes

$plain: disable

Use this if you'd like to disable welcomes or leaves


First line of white text on the message


Following text field below the title


The square icon in the top right. Use %user% for the profile pic of the joining user


The banner below the welcome


One day we'll figure out what this does


Use a color code (NOT RGB) for the color on the side bar


The users name will go here automatically


The guild name will go here automatically

Template Example

What it looks like
Template #1
Template #1
?setwelcome new $plain: This is plaintext, it goes above the welcome message
$title: This is the title, it's bolded at the top
$desc: This is the description of the embed, it goes directly below the title
$thumb: %user%
$field: This is the field name %% This is the field value