Gaius Plus

Last updated 13 days ago

Information regarding our Gaius Cicereius+ bot


Once you've Authorized your server (read more below), Gaius will stop responding on your server. At which point you have to invite Gaius Plus.

Once Plus is in your server all the settings are carried over instantly and you can remove the free bot from your server.

Patreon Commands

Once you've subscribed on Patreon you'll receive your role reward on our Discord. Once that happens you can use the authorize command to enable your Patreon rewards on the server(s) of your choice.




Authorizes the server to use Gaius+ and Tree Leveling on Play


Deauthorize the server from using Gaius+ and Tree Leveling

?authorize list

View all your authorized servers

Games & Misc




Play some checkers (Gaius Play Only)






Base command for Extreme Logging functionality



Have new users go through a image based captcha in DM



Assign a command a new name, can not conflict with existing commands



Unassign a name from a command



Freeze a server, removing @everyone permissions and allowing after raid cleanup and recovery, undo with thaw (see below)



Thaws a server, rebuilding the server channel overwrites based on the file gotten from freeze