A quick guide to setting up Gaius Cicereius initially

Quick Start

Role required legend

When looking through the wiki the following legend will be useful. You'll need the following roles to use the commands marked with these icons




Gaius+/Patreon Only




Initial setup

  1. The default prefix for Gaius is ! if you ever forget your prefix do !prefix? this will show the current prefix no matter what it is anytime.

  2. If you plan on wanting your staff team to be able to use Gaius moderation commands etc you need to drop by the Initial Configuration page where you setup the Admin/Mod roles with Gaius.

  3. Next you'll need to drop by the Bot Log page which goes over local logging as we call it. This is so you can see everything Gaius does on your server.

  4. If you ever run into issues where something stops working try the Notification Service page. If you continue to run into issues and no logs are coming in, drop by the support server and give a quick detailed issue report in the support chat.

  5. Now it's onto modules, a majority of the pages in the Moderation section are modules so remember the !module command for enabling/disabling them anytime! If you ever forget what you have enabled, use the !guildinfo command to see the details.

  6. You can now go ahead and look through the wiki a bit more if you'd like and look for additional features you may be interested in using.

  7. Now enjoy yourself and have a great day! If you have an idea use the !idea command, got a bug to report? Use !bug! Have a question or issue? Drop by the support server!